2017 Seminars

The 2017 Seminars have all been completed. Check with USA Hockey for other locations.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on . We'll meet in the mezzanine of Chiller North starting promptly at 6:30 PM.

NEW Fairgrounds Parking Procedure

Please note that there are NEW parking passes required for the Fairgrounds this year. In addition to the ticket stub you give at the booth, you need to have this flyer on your dashboard. Also, they wanted to make it clear that you must have your ticket when you enter. If you pay cash and then come back [say]20 minutes later with a ticket you will NOT be issued a refund.

The old parking passes are no longer valid.

2017-2018 Membership Information

To become a COYIHOA member for the 2017-2018 season, you will need to complete the independent contractor form, a W-9 (if you did not complete one last year), and the appropriate USA Hockey certifications. If you have not already filled one out, please download the Independent Contractor form from the right-hand side of the page and bring the completed contract to the next meeting you attend.

For USA Hockey certification, you needed to attend a yearly seminar.

Local seminar registration is handled here: USA Hockey Official Seminars. You may also find out more information regarding USA Hockey Officiating requirements at USA Hockey.

Game Reports

Please note that in addition to the COYIHOA Game Report, ALL Game Misconduct and Match Penalties MUST be reported to USA Hockey HERE

If you referee any game in which there is an issue regarding a participant's conduct, you will need to complete and submit the official Game Report Form. Game reports may now be submitted online by filling out the game report form here. You may also fill out a hard copy if you prefer. This form is available under "Downloads" on the right-hand side of the page. There should also be copies of this form at each rink within the referee's locker room.

You MUST complete this form any time you referee a game in which you assess a Game Misconduct or Match penalty. You may also use this Game Report Form to inform COYIHOA Directors of any rink issues or other game-related concerns.

Meeting Schedule

The COYIHOA monthly meeting schedule for the coming season is now available here. All association members must attend at least one meeting per month to collect paychecks, receive assignments, and review rules.

COYIHOA Constitution and By-Laws

The Central Ohio Youth Ice Hockey Officials Association (COYIHOA) operates under the following Constitution.


The Central Ohio Youth Ice Hockey Officials Association has a Post Office Box for submitting Game Report Forms.

Central Ohio Youth Ice Hockey Officials Association
20350 Bear Swamp Rd.
Marysville, OH 43040