2021 Seminars

The 2021 Seminars are posted online here.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held Nov. 4 - via ZOOM

Level 1/2 @ 6:30pm
Level 3/4 @ 7:30pm

2019 - 2020 Meeting Dates

COYIHOA holds two meetings per month during the season. Officials are required to attend at least one meeting per month. Any unexcused meeting absences will result in the official not receiving assignments for the next month. Checks will be passed out from the prior month at the END of the meeting. Officials are encouraged to bring their rulebook, manuals, open book test, and a pen/pencil to each meeting. All meetings start at 6:30pm, and generally end in an hour or so. The meeting location is Chiller North - 8144 Highfield Dr, Lewis Center, OH 43035.

Please note that there will be an OHSAA meeting directly following these meetings.


Previous Meetings Notes/Videos

2.10.20 Meeting recap

1.6.20 Meeting recap